Juergen A. Richt, DVM, PhD

Juergen A. Richt, DVM, PhD


The Regents Distinguished Professor
University Distinguished Professor
Kansas Bioscience Authority Eminent Scholar
Director, Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases
Kansas State University
College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Juergen A. Richt came to Kansas State University in 2008 as the Regents Distinguished Professor of Kansas State University and Kansas Bioscience Eminent Scholar. In 2010, he became Director of the Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases (CEEZAD) which is working with Principal Investigators in 16 different universities, as well as various federal and industrial partners.

Dr. Richt received his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the University of Munich and PhD in Virology and Immunology from the University of Giessen, both in Germany. After coming to the United States in 1989, he completed three years of postdoctoral/residency studies at The Johns Hopkins University and later served for eight years as a Veterinary Medical Officer at the National Animal Disease Center (USDA) in Ames, Iowa. He has edited several books, published more than 190 peer-reviewed articles and raised more than $33 million in grants for veterinary research.

Dr. Richt’s work in veterinary microbiology has focused mainly on the animal-human interface, called “One Health,” that links human medicine, veterinary medicine and the environment. The overall goal is to develop strategies to identify, control and/or eradicate agents with zoonotic potential.   Dr. Richt is committed to the integration of human, animal and environmental medicine into the “One Health” agenda in which the prevention of disease and the protection of the environment requires an innovative interdisciplinary approach.


Coffee & Tea

9:30 AM

Opening Remarks

by Robert IP

10:00 AM

Lyme Disease and Virus Infections

by Armin Schwarzbach

10:10 AM

Overcoming unmet needs in order to properly monitor Lyme disease-associated pathogens & therapies.

by Prof. Francesco Veas

10:20 AM

Why Lyme and associated diseases remain highly controversial in many countries.

by Prof. Christian Perronne

11:00 AM

Lyme Madness – A Mother’s Perspective

by Lori Dennis

11:40 AM

Open Vendors and Book Signing

12:05 PM

Catered Lunch

12:30 PM

Afternoon Opening Remarks

by Dr. Simon Colla

1:30 PM

Emerging Zoonoses

by Dr. Juergen Richt

1:40 PM

Nutrition and Genetic Predisposition in Lyme Disease

by Carissa Doherty ND

2:05 PM

Development of an Antibiofilm Drug to Repotentiate Antibiotics

by Dr Garth Erlich

2:25 PM


15 mins

3:15 PM

Laboratory Testing for Lyme & Co-Infections

by Robert Giguere

3:45 PM

Scientific updates on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme and Associated Co-infections.

by Dr Richard Horowitz

4:00 PM

Book Signing

One on one with Dr. Horowitz and other speakers.
6:00 PM

Reception Dinner with Live Music

7:00 PM
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